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Sawdust briquette

The fireplace wood briquette is made of crushed pressed wood under pressure without the addition of adhesive substances. The low moisture content makes the calorific value of briquettes higher than wood.

Sawdust briquette are ideal for burning in fireplaces, boilers for solid fuels, as well as in fireplace stoves. It is packed in 10 kg bags.


Briquette parameters:

  • The calorific value 17 863 kJ / kg
  • Humidity 7%
  • Ash content 0.34%
  • Density I, 09kg / dm3
  • Carbon content 48%
  • Hydrogen content 7%
  • Chlorine content 0.002%

Offer for Sawdust briquettes:

  • RUF sawdust briquettes (similar in shape to brick):
  • Hardwood sawdust briquettes, without any artificial additives.
  • Briquette packed in 12 cubes in a plastic bag
  • (the bag weighs approx. 9-10 kg)
  • 96 packages of briquette on a pallet.
  • Weight 950 kg + -5%

brykiet drzewny


Gross price: 610 PLN

Transport in own range


Detailed information is available at the following phone numbers:

Szczecin 535 960 547

Dobrzany 506 008 613

Dobra 881 332 800

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